Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Riley turns "4"

My most favorite Riley turned 4. Have I ever told ya'll how much I like my little Riley? He is like  creamy tomatillo dressing to my Cafe Rio salad.  His cuteness is just so addicting! He has the sweetest most quirkiest personality of anyone I know. Its true. I've only been maybe been irritated with him like once ever. I'm not sure if this is because he is so dang sillycutefunny or if he's just kinda spoiled. I think is might be the latter. In the scriptures when Christ tells us we should be like a little child.. I'm pretty sure he is talking about my son! Yes, I am flattered.!!!
One of my sister's said it perfectly that Riley just may always be the baby in the family. =)
It just might be true.
Now to add a disclaimer.
This is not admission that Mr. Riley is my favorite. He's not.
Cause ya'll know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Payt and Finn.
It is such a blessing that each little has come equipped with their most darling personality and talents.
For his birthday we had big plans! Big ONES!!! But in the end he just wanted to eat at McDonald's and play in the play land. Then we ended up at the dollar store buying all sorts of crapola. It was seriously depressing. Shouldn't the mother who gave birth to the child choose where we at least go to dinner?  I mean, really.
Riley requested he have a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream.
I guess he likey chocolate.?.

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