Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Blog Post That Could Have a 100,000 Titles

Oh, Hi!!!
What can I say for such a long absence?
I'm pretty much back from nowhere.
That is all.
My husband has practically begged that I at least dust this bloggy off and put some pictures.
Here are some pictures.
Now here is what I want sweet cheeks.....
( You know this isn't a one way street..right???)
I want to name our next baby....ALL BY MYSELF.
So tired of arguing over all that.
Such a relief to have it settled!

Here are the children on this most recent Halloween.
I put most recent,  cause with me....well you can never be to sure:)
and also with all the costume recycling I do...well it can be confusing can't it??

Finnley was a pirate. My third little darling pirate..

Payton was a vampire..He didn't want to be. BUT, he just had to have this devil triton sword poker thingy from Target. I had to convince him that a werewolf wouldn't be carrying something like that. So he decided he would be the vampire to get the devil's poker and then if you can imagine such a thing....He didn't touch that poker ALL DAY on Halloween. NOTTA ONCE! Oh well:) I finally had to hide it behind the piano to keep the kids from sticking it in each others eyeballs come November 1st.
(so funnny I totally JUST noticed he actually is holding it in the picture)
Little Riley wanted to be Payt's SWAT guy from last year...And I was like HOORAY..I can recycle another costume and save twenty bucks. But then he saw this Finn McMissle costume at Target and just had to have it, had toooooo I said! He dressed in it er' day for a entire week and we called him "Finn", which was actually so confusing, cause you see....we already have a "Finn",  a real one ya know.
Trick or Treating with cousins.. Z, Kaycee, TyTy,Riley,Addi,Finn,Sam,Payt,and Trace
Then my most precious, cherubic,silly,sweet Finnley turned TWO. Sniff. He is just so dang cute and I really can hardly stand it! I just like him so much!. I miss him when he naps even.

Grandma and Grandpa B. hosted him a birthday brunch.. He was so nervous of the lit candles. So funny. They just sat there and burned and melted until brother finally helped out.
Then we took our spoiled little boy to Planet Play in the evening.
Along with his awesome brothers of course....

He spent most the evening playing skeeball. 2 year old style..
I love this picture cause its really cute how Finn is feeding Payt pineapple...But mostly funny cause Christian and the dad holding the baby with the orange balloon are glued to a TV that is showing none other than the Utes game. Which is totally fine cause what man takes his Little's to Planetstinkyplay when a Utes game is on.
Here we are at Finn's THIRD party! Jeez. 
Daddy helping the little man blow those scary candles out!
Love you little mister. So very much! You are so funny and cute. You LOVE turning lights on and off, and pushing buttons, mostly the garage door button ,which is actually super annoying...but that's ok:) You are such a polite little man. You tell me Thank You like 5000 times a day, and you always bless me or excuse me if I sneeze, cough, sniff, or sigh. You are a great little listener and helper! You tell silly knock knock jokes that pretty much make no sense at all. Except yesterday when you told a knock knock joke that "fork" was at the door...and we can pretty much all guess how that one ended. I love your white hair, blue eyes, and you're sweet toothy grin. You have the cutest run ever too. I love your happy, good natured personality. You have been two years of bliss.
Whelp, in final news.
We are expecting our newest little addition in less that 2 months now!
Another little boy.
Yes.Yes. It for sure is a boy. FOR sure!
We feel very blessed and excited for this little one to come.
 The truth is even though I know how, where, when and why this little monkey is on his way... Every day like on the hour I am surprised that he is in fact on the way! Funny I know. I wake up 9 times a night to pee and I'm like "How did I get in this condition again?????" I mean I know HOW.. But how???  I feel like I have been preggo for like 12 years and I just want the baby. It takes forever to grow a baby I've decided. Like forever. My ribs hurt I'm tired, and irritable and uncomfortable, I'm selfish, and not flexible and I'm really not any fun at all.
SO there.
 I just want to hold the little man already!!!! and lay on my stomach, and flat on my back...and bend over to get things....etc..etc..etc!
I have no cute pictures of baby boy.. So this sweet picture of his little foot will have to do:)
Now my end of the deal is done.. I have written a long, juicy blog post, with lots of pictures even.
I will be annoucing my baby boys name shortly:)


Melissa said...

4 boys! So fun. Ivan comes from a family of four boys-i was certain all I would have is boys. You have the stinking cutest kids! Just so handsome. So glad you updated your blog!

Anonymous said...

Yay! New blog post! The Halloween costumes were great... but I especially liked Finn's. BTW I looked at that first pic of Finn and thought I was looking at one of my brothers' baby pictures. He is such a Berg. Can't wait to meet the new little man! See ya in two weeks-ish :)

Amy Rindy said...

So excited for a new blog post from Jamee! And so excited for your boy #4 to be here soon. I'm sure you've heard about our girl #4 by now, too. Guess we both just decided to specialize! :) Loved all the cute pics. Hope to see you guys soon.

Lydia said...

Yay! A new post!! Your kids are getting so big! They are really cute, I love Finn's costume. Carter loves Finn McMissile. Congrats on the baby! Is the name decided yet?

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