Monday, June 17, 2013

{ 8 Years}

8 years ago i became a mother.
 i was "in labor" with my first child.
a son.
i lay in a hospital bed listening to shakira, laboring away.
i expected that the day would be very long, and would pass very slowly.
not so.
my husband left to go to the cafeteria with my little sister...
( in search of apple pie:)
while he was away our little son became distressed with each contraction and was not receiving the oxygen he needed. a c-section was needed right away.
a call went out over the hospital intercom that called my mister back to labor and delivery.
by the time he made it back i was already back in OR being prepped for surgery.

at 12:18 pm our first son came into the world, 
screaming up a storm, and beautiful as can be.


i was a mother.
 ME, a mother. !

{feeeed me}

this little son has grown into a very handsome boy. 
he is tender-hearted, silly, goofy, smart, and a teaser! 
he loves to play soccer, and is quite the little artist. 
he acts like he is 14 and not 8.
he has a old soul, older than mine i think! 
nothing gets by him, he calls all my bluffs, and reads me like a book. 
I absolutely hate it! :) hahaha

Happy Happy Birthday Payton!
I love you so very much!

i know you will always remember your 8th birthday.
you will remember that i let you win the shoe battle!, 
and that i serenaded you with shakira, and then tina turner for good measure.
and that i bought you a bb gun, A BB GUN!!!! 
rest assured son,... it will be hidden from you 98% of the time. 



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