Sunday, June 16, 2013

{happy fathers day}

happy happy fathers day to all the wonderful fathers in my life.

to my own father, who has such a kind heart. who is so very tender-hearted.
who i have never ever felt judged or criticized by, not once. ever. this is why i love you so.
you are a hard working man. you are so very humble! never out to impress, or out do.
 i know you love me and you would do anything for me. you are an amazing father.
our relationship is a simple one, yet a deep and a lovely one that i truly cherish. love you.

to my husband, i couldn't have picked a better man to be the father of my littles.
you are an amazing father to our boys simply because you desire to be. 
no, you are not a perfect father, and that is ok! you are a great father in a million different ways!
our boys love you so! they love the time you spend with them, your protection, your silliness
(even though your silliness resulted in the police showing up to our home at midnight to make sure you hadn't kidnapped a child who in fact was OUR son! hahahahaha)
they love the affection that you so freely give. i could go on and on. and. on. 
i know that it isn't always easy to have the responsibility of being provider (in so many ways) to the little family we've made. it is hard hard work. you're doing a excellent job darling! 
you really are. love you.

to my father in law, who is a very selfless man. you spend the majority of your time helping and serving others. thank you for all the times you have been there for us. thank you for moving us what seems like 748596 times, and for storing all our crap! you are a wonderful and simple man who loves the Lord. thank you for the example you set in so many ways. love you. 

to a man who isn't my father, but has fathered me in so so so many ways.
who has never had any obligation to love or help me in any way, 
but has done, and continues to do so anyway, more ways than he will ever ever realize. 
i surely would not be living the blessed life i live today if not for you, now would i? love you.

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