Wednesday, July 10, 2013


My pipsqueak turned 18 months.
This may not seem like a significant milestone, 
but oh boy is it!
It is the age at which a babe can enter the nursery at church.
The age where they can no longer terrorize you, 
and make you a spectacle during class. 
I can't wait to drop him off for the first time.
Tra la la la la LAAAAAA!!!!

Oh how I love this baby. He is so silly and sweet.
I love when he drinks his bababa and rubs his blankie on his cheek.
I love his wobbly walk, the way he sticks out his chest and marches along.
I love when he scrunches up his nose, and when he says cheeeessse!
I love that he picks me over everyone. Sorry Daddy!
This one is mine, at least for now..

What I wouldn't give to capture him at this age forever and ever. 
(ok not really, but for a long long time I would!)
He is so precious, and brings me such happiness.

Mwah baby boy!

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