Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{Finnley Turns Four}

My Mister Finnley is four!
I love this little boy.
So much.
He is silly, kind, goofy, affectionate,tender-hearted,stubborn,a little passive-aggressive,forgiving and one hundred other awesome things.
I love watching him grow and learn new things.
It also makes me sad some days that I can't keep this one little forever.
He loves to snuggle, be held, and carried. I know the time is tooo quickly coming when he will be to big to fit on my lap and held in my arms. He loves smooches, and will find me to give me random hugs for no reason at all .
Finnley is such a sweet little boy most of the time.
Then there are random moments when he'll say something like, "Mom, I'm going to pull all the hair off your head!!!" Or, "Mom, I'm going to kick you in the leg!" Sometimes he'll throw in a growl, or a roar to make sure I've understood. Maybe I should be frightened. But it is so random, it makes me laugh!

This is what daddy wrote about Finnley on his birthday.

" Every year on this date, my mind wanders back to where we were in 2009. To be honest, 08 and 09 were some of the darkest, most challenging times I've ever faced in my life, and possibly ever will. In the midst of some seemingly insurmountable personal and professional trials, we were surprised to learn ( and I do mean surprised!) that we would be adding one more to our family. Logically, this could have been devastating considering all that was happening. Those who knew our situation ( and there were very very VERY few) wondered what in the world we could possibly be thinking! And I probably should have felt the same way..... But amazingly, the opposite happened! The birth of our third son became the only thing that looked bright in what felt like a pretty dark future. He was the only thing I had to look forward to.....

Fast forward four wonderful years, and he's never stopped being that bright spot in our lives! Today as we celebrate sweet, funny little Finnley, in my heart I also celebrate a loving Heavenly Father who is always looking out for us, whether we see it or not. I celebrate a wife who probably should have cut her losses a long time ago, but decided to hang around! I even celebrate trials that change our "ability to see" the incredible blessings we already have, no matter how bad things seem. I love you Finn! Possibly more than you'll ever know. And I'm thankful every single day that you were sent to us exactly when you were. I needed you then, and I couldn't live without you now!!"

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