Monday, June 2, 2014


My children husband bought me my very own laptop for Mother's Day!
......So I would blog more.
So, I've been feeling all sorts of guilty that 3 weeks have passed and I've done nothing but use my new laptop to shop online, and pay bills!
There are about a zillion things I could write about I spose.
My life is that exciting!
Don't be jealous now.
For example, Finnley graduated from preschool for the 1st time!!!!!!!!
I bet none your kids have ever done that.
I say the first time, cause next year he will graduate from the same preschool for the second time.
And then, I might, .... MIGHT send him to kindergarten if I feel like it.
I very well might not feel like it, cause, well, I really like my Finny. Lots.

The End.

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