Monday, November 17, 2014

{ And Then There Was Jane}

My little Jane Catherine Hanna was born September 18
5:56 p.m.
7 lb. 11 oz.
20.5 inches
It's crazy to think this time last year Jane was still a twinkle in my eye and a prayer on my lips.
Pregnancy passes dreadfully slow. The anticipation of Jane's birth and all that went with that weighed heavily on me for months. Now she is here and time is passing so quickly. I so wish the time would pass as slowly as it does when I'm pregnant.
I am so happy and content that this little girl came into my life. She is my last baby and I have felt so much peace with that decision. She has been just what our family was missing, and is a welcome addition to my four darling sons.
I prayed long and hard that the Lord would bless me with a daughter, I am so grateful He did. I needed her. I still look at her even 8 weeks later and can't believe she is really mine. At the same time it feels like things ended up exactly as they should. I knew in my heart from the moment I took that first pregnancy test that the baby was a little girl. Even after 4 ultrasounds confirmed that, it was hard to get my mind to follow suit and believe that she was indeed a little girl!
My very first pregnancy ended in miscarriage when I was 8 weeks along. I was due on Christmas day in 2004. I always believed that baby was a little girl. I probably would have named her Riley. (Do not ever tell my SON Riley that! haha) I don't know if that baby was really a girl or not. In the end I feel so grateful about how my family turned out. I love that I have four boys. I love that there are no girls in the mix and that my oldest is not a girl. I'm happy that Jane will always be the youngest, the little sister forever and ever. She will be loved and protected, adored, spoiled and cherished. I need that for my little girl. If I would have had a daughter first I probably would have made her to be a mother and another caretaker to her brothers.
Jane will never be that, and for me that is important.
The questions I get asked most are, do her brothers like her. Um, yes! It has been an easy adjustment for all of them. They all love her to pieces. They are sweet, tender and affectionate with her and have been the best little helpers. I also get asked if it's different having a girl. As far as babies go, no. Jane is exactly like her four brothers in that she is so sweet, easy going, good natured, patient, and one hundred other wonderful things. I have been blessed with easy, sweet babies. Hooray!
 Dressing a little girl is so fun, I love all the little accessories. When it comes down to it though I just like her to be comfortable. When we are home she wears mostly jammies, and soft one piece outfits. I don't like to dress her in anything that might make her or I uncomfortable, like zippers, jeans, clothes with hoods etc.
The biggest difference about having a girl is very hard to express. I do not love her any more than I love each of my boys. I feel something different for her in the same way I feel something different for my sons. Jane has fulfilled something in me that I didn't know was missing.
Maybe it's just that we are the same gender.
Or maybe it's that I just really needed her in my life.
I have high hopes for her and I.

Right before we prepped for C-Section

I love this man. All of the time.

Being taken to recovery

I love Dr. Terry! He has delivered all 5 of my babies and kept me alive through it all!




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Jen said...

Seriously so sweet. Yep, little girls (and boys) are special. So happy for you :)

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