Monday, February 9, 2015

{Around My Finger}

My little monster Madsen turned 3!
He really is a little monster like a good 67% of the time you know.
But, despite all his shenanigans he really is just so sweet and funny and has me wrapped around all ten of his sticky little fingers.
He will forever and always be my baby boy.
These days he is extra cuddly and wants me to hold him all the time. It is an adjustment sharing mama with new sister Jane. He loves his baby sister though as long as the hugs and kisses are kept even steven:)
He is trying extra hard to be a big boy.
He forgets sometimes though, and acts like, welllll a three year old!
I've not ever written about Madsen's birthdays so I'm going to take a quick jaunt down memory lane.
His first birthday the only present he received was bath toys and bath color drops. He had a circus themed party and in true Jamee fashion I made him a hideous lion cake. I was feeling a little sick all day on his birthday but I had so much to do to get ready for his big party that evening so I pushed through the day. After all the guests arrived I was sick with the flu. While chatting with my dad I felt the sudden urge to throw up and grabbed a bowl of chips, dumped the chips all over the counter and ran down the hall with the bowl. I made it into my bedroom just in time. Happy 1st birthday, Madsen!
The best part about Madsen's second birthday is my dad had just retired and was able to spend the day with us. It was so fun to have him there!
I dressed Madsen in the same outfit that Finnley had worn on his second birthday. Someday I will post a picture to prove it!
We took him to Fashion Place mall for lunch and to go to build a bear. He didn't want to choose a bear, but lovvvved the happy birthday music chip you can have stuffed in the bear. I chose him a puppy, and had the chip put in. He loved it. We had a pirate themed party for him in the evening. Fun Day!

Madsen's third birthday he woke up to birthday island. He received lots of Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol toys. Those are his most favorite things these days. We took him to breakfast at the new Penny Ann's café, and we were waited on by Penny herself. To bad Madsen cried the entire time because I started to cut his pancake and apparently HE DIDN'T WANT HIS PANCAKE CUT!
And just like that I was that mom, you know the one! Sitting there in a crowded restaurant with a screaming toddler, an infant, and all my other kids. It was very busy and service was slow, and I was ready to stand on the table and scream for someone to please please please bring my birthday boy a new pancake or a check forhellsakes! Never have I been so tempted to dine and dash in alllll my life! Thanks for a memorable day, Madsen.
I'm never taking you out in public again.
That evening we had a mickey mouse banana split bash that was super fun!


The end.

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