Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thirty Five with FIVE!

On this your big special day, the boys and I have something to say
Though it won't be in a card - and not in a letter,
I have a feeling that you will like this better!

Your gift you see, is hidden in these clues
It's a gift that will help to chase away the blues!

Your first clue is this, and it is from Payt.

His gift to you is pretty flippin' great!
PAC 12? Maybe he forgot,
Football?!? Is this for Dad, or is it not?

I'll give you it's a hint: it rhymes with LENNY
Still having trouble?

Image result for penny picture
Here's a Penny.

And that's allllll the help you get.

Are you ready for your next special man?
Our sweet number two has a WONDERFUL PLAN!!

Ry and I thought long and we thought hard......
Should we just pick you flowers from other people's yard?

Nah, that's not enough!! Ry decided to help you fix the ROUGH!
What is rough? Your days? Your chores?
Did Ry decide to buy you new floors?

Here's your clue:

Image result for picture of a nail


Image result for medicine

A nail
And a cure
Medicine for sure

Isn't this fun! Ry is so sweet.
And your final clue rhymes with sweet
It's a treat but not one you can eat!

Finnley decided that his gift to Mom would be
A love that you've discovered only recently!

Image result for popping bubble wrap


Image result for shop

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